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We want to thank everyone so much for your generosity in supporting Open-Tax-Solver. -- Aston

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The purpose of this fund drive is to support continued updates and improvements to the Open-Tax-Solver (OTS) project. We are the only Free Open Source Tax Filing project to have carried on sustained releases for multiple consecutive years. This year we celebrate our 14th year !!

The funding will be used for several purposes:

  • Improve and extend OTS. Make it easier to use. More checking.
  • Provide incentives to continue updating, testing, and improving.
  • Encourage the core OTS developers and testers/checkers. Keep them onboard.
  • Help in spreading the word about OTS to wider audiences.
  • Purchase distribution rights to software components to improve OTS, such as PDF form filing options.
  • More instructional videos.
  • Provide some tax assistance support, or audit-support for users.
  • Fight to simplify taxes and promote fair filing methods.
  • Keep OTS free and open for everyone.

We want to expand the form coverage, and improve OTS's overall quality and ease-of-use.

Many faithful and appreciative users have asked how they can help support OTS. Several, who have coding backgrounds, have participated each year in the updating and checking, or have submitted extensions for sections or additional forms. Other non-technical users have asked if they could contribute in other ways. Hence this Please-Fund-Me page. If OTS has helped you over the years -- maybe saved you money in your taxes, or helped avoid paying for expensive commercial software -- consider donating today.

Your donations will help to sustain and improve OTS, as well as get the word out so other tax payers can benefit.

Please support the Open-Tax-Solver (OTS) project.

Thank you,
  -- Aston Roberts

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Raised by 31 people in 33 days.

  Created 1-25-2017
Aston Roberts

1 day ago


6 days ago

Keep up the good work.

8 days ago

Many thanks to the development team!

8 days ago

Please add auto-fillout for New York.

8 days ago

I second the motion for automatic NJ forms!

Andre Williams
9 days ago

I see your 25's and raise you ten. But this goes for getting automatic form fillout for New Jersey.

Edgar Maucher
10 days ago

Put this also for NY automatic fillout.

12 days ago

This is to go to adding NY pdf-form automatic printing.

Mark Fox
14 days ago

Use this toward adding Maryland form.

15 days ago

Glad to help.

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